York County East Ag + Art Tour
1:00 - 5:00 pm
Sunday, June 6, 2021
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Who We Are
We believe healthy eating and active living are essential to the everyday culture where we live, work, learn, pray, and play.  
Founded in 2010, the purpose of The Rock Hill Educational Community Garden is to provide a place in which Winthrop students,
City of Rock Hill associates, Master Gardeners, Charitable Organizations, and other interested parties could raise their own selection
of fruits and vegetables and share them with the less fortunate, by donating to organizations that provide lunches and extra needed food
to the community.  The Rock Hill Educational Community Garden has become a place for community members to garden together.

Garden partners are encouraged to follow Clemson Extension Master Garden Guidelines, and to work with their assigned gardening
Coordinator or Master Gardener. Clemson gardening brochures will be available to partners. This is an organic garden
is process, as defined by the American Association of Organic Gardens.

What We Do
The Rock Hill Educational Community Garden provides a place for  community agencies,
non-profit groups, students, teachers, and individuals to learn about the importance of gardening using organic methods
and the value of working together to produce fresh food for those in need.

Honey bees are the most recognizable pollinator but often people overlook the moths, bumble bees, hummingbirds, bats, wasps, beetles, butterflies, and
flies that carry pollen from one plant to another as they collect nectar.  These hard-working animals help pollinate over 75% of our flowering plants,
and nearly 75% of our crops.  Yet without them, wildlife would have fewer nutritious berries and seeds, and we would miss many fruits,
vegetables, and nuts, like blueberries, squash, and almonds . . . not to mention chocolate and coffee…all of which depend on pollinators.   

Plan a Visit
954 Constitution Boulevard
Rock Hill, SC 29732
Located on Winthrop University's campus across from District 3 stadium.

Hours of Operation
Saturday 9 to 10 am
(Other hours available by special request.)



Contact Laura Foster at lrfoster55@gmail.com for more information about the garden.